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Mac vs. Windows – We have a winner!

The Windows vs. Mac debate has been raging for years, and today we finally have a winner.

Let’s start by comparing the two to see what subtle – and not so subtle – differences there are between the two.


Mac computers are manufactured exclusively by Apple, whilst Microsoft licences their Windows Operating system to other companies to be installed on their branded computers. This means that replacement parts can be harder to source and more expensive for Mac owners than Windows PC owners.

This also affects the price when purchasing a new computer. Due to the high level of competition from Windows PC manufacturers, you will generally be able to purchase a Windows PC at a more reasonable rate.

Software Availability

Without any argument, Microsoft has a wider range of software available for Windows PC users. This is not to say that their software is in any way superior to that which is available on Mac computers, but there is a lot more available for Windows.

In recent times however, the Mac software range has increased to include some packages that are available on Windows PC including the Microsoft Office Suite and several popular games.

Virus Protection

As the majority of computers owned across the world are using the Windows operating system, Mac has been overlooked for many years by those responsible for creating computer viruses. This is not to say that you do not need anti-virus on your Mac computer: there are viruses that will affect the use of your Mac, there just simply aren’t as many as you would find for a Windows PC.

Service and Repair

Owning a Mac makes service and repair simple. As Apple are the only manufacturer of the Mac computer, including hardware and operating system, if you have a warranty issue with your computer, you know where to go.

On the other hand, with a Windows PC, you may have to speak to several different companies before being able to find a solution to your problem whilst under warranty. In most cases, the store you buy the PC from will be able to help you.

After your warranty has run out however, most computer technicians are able to repair both types of computer.

And the winner is…


We, as the consumer, are the winner in every regard in this debate. There are so many differences between the two systems that as consumers we can get the best computer for our needs, whether it’s Mac or Windows.

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