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The advantages of managed IT services over an in-house team

When thinking about IT support Cairns businesses need to consider whether an in-house team or managed IT services are a better fit for their company. Opting for managed IT services has several advantages over having an in-house support team. In this blog post, we look at the benefits of choosing managed IT services.

Cut down on costs

One crucial advantage of outsourcing your IT support is that it cuts down on costs. Managed IT services offer greater efficiency and reduce staffing costs. In-house teams would need to be quite large to cover all eventualities, but managed services can cover the exact requirements with a smaller staff number. For businesses struggling to afford the level of IT support services they need, choosing managed services is a great way to reduce costs whilst receiving high-quality professional support.

More skills available

Internal teams are always likely to have skills gaps simply because you would need a large group to cover every possibility. Managed services have a more comprehensive offering of services available, meaning you’re less likely to hit walls due to a lack of skills. Managed services also offer a one-stop-shop and are able to provide ongoing support for a particular issue and develop an initial solution.

More physical space

Having an internal team means you need space to house them at your workplace. This is an additional challenge if space is at a premium. Outsourcing your IT support services means you won’t need to make room at your site for an IT team. This gives you greater flexibility in terms of how you use your space. In addition, having fewer people on-site may also reduce your business’ impact on the environment.

Managed IT services Cairns

It’s clear that managed IT services present real benefits for businesses. For IT support services Cairns businesses rely on, choose Computerman IT. We offer a wide variety of professional IT services for businesses in Cairns, including offering cloud-based solutions and remote support.

To discuss your needs, please get in touch today. We provide computer support Cairns businesses can trust and are happy to cater our solutions to your requirements.