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What is cloud migration?

More and more companies are transitioning their business to the cloud following the unprecedented times of the ongoing 2020 global pandemic. It is important for businesses to understand what cloud migration is so that they can decide on the best way to transition all or part of their operations to the cloud. Now more than any other time in recent history, the cloud is integral to helping businesses transform digitally and outsmart uncertainty.

Cloud migration explained

In a nutshell, cloud migration is moving a business’s databases, digital resources and applications into the cloud, in turn improving performance and efficiency for the business. A business’s information can be moved to the cloud in part or as a whole and can include moving this information from cloud to cloud. So many businesses are now making this innovative transition to cloud migration because it is a safer, more efficient and a modernised way of conducting business. It allows a business’s IT infrastructure to operate at optimum capacity, trumping outdated and inefficient infrastructures like servers, or firewalls that can be potentially lacking in protection.

Cloud migration strategies

The cloud migration process needs to be carefully planned so that your migration strategy is in line with your business requirements. This cloud migration strategy should also include what to do when data – whether all or in part – has been moved to the cloud. You want all of your applications and systems to work optimally in the cloud. Businesses of all sizes may require the expertise of an industry professional to help modernise their computing infrastructure so that it can outmanoeuvre the unpredictability of our times.

Optimise your IT infrastructure

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