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5 IT security strategies your business can use to protect sensitive client data

If you run a business, investing in the security of your clients’ sensitive data must be your top priority. There is no doubt that having such data stolen can be disastrous for your business. If you take the following steps together with help from our experts in business IT solutions in Cairns, you will safeguard your business against preventable security breaches.

1. Limit access to sensitive information

Consider limiting the number of staff and systems that can access sensitive client data. Malicious, lazy and careless employees who can compromise security systems and damage a company can also be working in your company. You don’t want them making it easy for hackers to attack your business.

2. Apply smart strategies for password protection

When it comes to password protection, many businesses get advice to use overly complex passwords. This forces their staff to select and use only one complex password for almost all login credentials. If such a password is compromised, a hacker can easily access all other systems and services the staff logs into.

To get smarter passwords, we recommend businesses use a mixture of encrypted and salted passwords created by tools like 1Password or LastPass or by multifactor authentication.

3. Use a dedicated server

Many businesses choose shared servers due to their low costs, despite the security risks involved. However, dedicated servers are much better though they cost more. Your business needs the extra layer of protection they provide for you and your clients.

4. Use antivirus protection and enable firewalls

Basic security measures for protection like enabling firewalls and strong antivirus software is a powerful way to safeguard your client and company data. Firewalls help to prohibit unauthorised access while antivirus software prevents, detects, and eliminates harmful programs from your computers.

5. Enable security updates

Most recent security hacks pass through security holes. Postponing or neglecting security updates is a flaw that hackers can easily exploit. So, always update your security software and programmes without delay.

As the best IT support services in Cairns, we can keep your IT security systems safe by handling any security-related issues your business has. Contact Computerman IT today for professional business IT solutions.