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How you can make cyber security everyone’s responsibility

Cyber security sounds awfully complicated, but the truth is that good cyber security starts at home. By educating your staff and ensuring that all employees understand how they can help your company combat cyber security, you can ensure a strong first line of defence and massively reduce your business’s chances of being targeted.

Make sure all employees understand the implications of cyber security

Educating your staff on cyber security protocols isn’t much use if they don’t understand how serious a cyber security breach can be. Begin by ensuring that your team are all aware of how serious cyber security issues can be, perhaps by walking through the potential consequences of a breach; for example, if a work laptop is left unprotected on a train and confidential data is stolen.

Establish clear rules for online security

The easiest way to ensure your employees will behave in a way that keeps your business safe from cyber attacks is by establishing clear, simple rules regarding cyber security and company property. For example, insist that all employees change their passwords regularly, and set their work laptops to automatically lock after a short period without use.

Offer regular training in cyber security

Cyber security is a constantly evolving field and one that all employees – even IT specialists – need to make an effort to stay on top of. By offering regular cyber security catch-ups as well as training sessions for new recruits, you can ensure that everyone is kept up to date with the latest advice and all employees know how to spot spam or phishing links in their emails and other common cyber hacks.

Set up an emergency contact for all employees

If your employees have noticed anything suspicious, including deleted documents or potentially fake emails – set up an internal email address that any employees can contact in the event of a possible attack. This way, potential breaches can be stopped early and customers and investors can be confident that you’ve got the infrastructure in place to protect their data.

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