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Is there really a right printer?

In short, absolutely! It might be tempting to buy that budget printer, but you’ll probably find it causes you more headaches than it’s worth. On the flip side, the most expensive price tag doesn’t necessarily make it the optimum choice for your business either.

Many business owners too often overlook the importance of choosing the correct printer and scanner. It’s an integral machine, and one that we don’t pay much attention to until a perpetual flashing light is demanding our attention and our apparatus is refusing to print. Don’t wait for office drama before giving some thought to this underestimated machine.

Choosing the ideal printer and scanner

With technology rapidly advancing, it can be overwhelming deciding which printer is right for your business. Many people fail to realise that enlisting IT support in Cairns can help make that choice easier. It is something our professional team can help you with, and it’s a decision you don’t want to get wrong – an ill-fitted printer will slow everything down.

There are many options on the market nowadays; inkjet or laser, wireless or network, colour or black and white. Not to mention, a wide range of brands. It must not be forgotten – just like all businesses aren’t the same – printers aren’t created equal either. It’s important to opt for a printer and scanner that fits your company’s needs.

A few things to consider when making your choice:

o Quantity: How much do you print per day/week/month?
o Quality: Do you require high resolution? Will the prints be distributed to clients or are they for office use only (or both)?
o Size: Will the entire office be using the printer, or just yourself?
o Multi-function: Will the printer be required for scanning purposes too? Colour printing or only black and white?

Don’t neglect your printer and scanner

We’ve all had a frustrating moment with a stubborn printer. It slows everything down and can make you appear amateur. It’s crucial to give your printer and scanner some serious consideration. We can help you choose the right machine if you’d like professional guidance and can also help you set everything up — that way, you can carry on without flashing error lights interrupting you.