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Password issues can be a hacker’s way in through the front door

Many companies can find themselves dealing with a cyber attack at some point in their lifetime. However, a significant proportion of these can come through your own employees’ failure to set up a secure password. Read on to find out how a hacker can break into your system through a weak password, and how to protect it.

Social engineering

When you think of hackers breaking passwords, your mind probably goes to old fashioned green text monitors, with a hacker sat in front furiously typing out code to break your network security. This is rarely the case. The majority of passwords are based on memorable events or names from a person’s life, so all a hacker needs to do is try a few variations on these and they can find themselves breaking in. This type of security breach may be helped by a phishing attack, in which a user willingly gives their password to a phoney website believing it to be authentic. Either way, your network is now wide open.

Employee error

In addition to your employees setting weak passwords, there are other major mistakes that they could make to ruin your well-built security. First amongst these is writing their passwords down. Many people will have a “password book”, in which they put all the keys to their digital kingdom. Someone stealing this can crack your company’s network right open, and completely ruin the life of your employee. Amongst the many standard errors that users make, writing down passwords is a cardinal sin.

Set harsh rules

The best way to solve these issues in your workplace is to set incredibly tight rules. By setting rules such as banning personal birthdays and names from passwords, whilst also keeping your users from writing down any of their passwords, you can keep your network as safe and secure as possible.

Get IT support

If your network’s security has already been breached and you need the best computer virus removal Cairns has to offer, get in touch with the Computer Man team today. We can help with any IT support and security services and can get your network up and running in no time at all.