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Protecting your computer from viruses, a short guide

In the past they were mostly harmless, prank type applications which could have an animated man walking across your screen or all of your jpg files deleted through a love letter email. As time goes on, however, viruses, along with their effects are becoming much more sinister. From trojan horses which can completely wipe your system, to remote desktop viewers which can unknowingly aid the theft of your personal information, it’s good to be prepared. How, though, can you make sure that your computer has a robust enough defence system to ensure you stay protected from viruses?

(1) An Antivirus Program

Arguably the most important protective measure, an antivirus program can be vigilant where you cannot. By consistently scanning your system for all types of viruses, you’re effectively setting up a second pair of eyes in the fight against malicious software. Keep the software updated and it will keep most, if not all, viruses out of your computer by identifying and deleting them before they cause any further damage.

(2) A Firewall

A firewall differs from an antivirus program in that it monitors traffic and connections for anything untoward, while an antivirus program scans pre-existing software and files. The combination of the two will ensure that no viruses get in and any you may have already accidentally downloaded or opened are detected and deleted without any further complications.

(3) Personal Precautions

While the last two points were about software that handled anti-virus efforts for you, this pointer is about precautions you can take yourself. Keeping your computer updated, checking email attachments for validity and configuring your pop-up and privacy settings on your browser all help in protecting you against untoward software.

With these three simple tips you can ensure you don’t fall victim to a virus which could have potentially devastating consequences. If you need help installing anti-virus software or you need virus removal services in Cairns, our on-site computer services, same day virus removal services and security related checkups will have you well supported.

So, if you’ve fallen victim to a virus, need help with the three above tips, or are just generally concerned with the security of your device, Call Computerman IT on PH: 07 4036 1320 for assistance.