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Signs your Windows PC needs a hardware upgrade

Although computers are designed to last and perform well for a long time, they do often tend to become sluggish after a few years of use. Most people, when they see that their laptop or computer is slowing down, will opt to buy a new one straight away. However, this can be very costly and is not always the best option.

If your computer is slowing down or having other problems, a hardware upgrade may be the best option for you. Although it depends on the specific circumstances, a hardware upgrade can often be cheaper than buying a new computer. Let’s take a look at some of the signs your Windows PC might need a hardware upgrade.

It has run out of short-term memory

The short-term memory of a computer (or RAM) stores everything that is currently running on your device. The more programmes you have open on your computer, the less effective the RAM’s performance will be. If your computer gets very sluggish if you have a few things open on the screen, it may be a sign to upgrade it to a better RAM that can store more, which will make your computer run more efficiently.

You have run out of storage

Your hard drive is the hardware that stores all of your data, from photos to downloads to documents. It is a very important part of any computer and can slow the rest of the computer down if it gets too full.

A hard drive upgrade can seriously boost the speed of your computer and can increase its storage capacity and is a worthwhile upgrade.

Your CPU is very slow

Over time, your CPU (or the ‘brains’ of your computer) can slow down if it has had to process a lot of complex applications. If your CPU needs upgrading, it must be carefully assessed, as sometimes it can be more expensive to upgrade these rather than buying a new computer.

Upgrade your Windows PC’s hardware today

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