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Top ways to prevent business data theft

With the rapid evolution of the digital age, personal and business data has become a valuable asset in many companies. No wonder data breach or theft has become rampant in recent years! From identity theft, hijacking of banking information to credit card number theft and more, companies have to take the following security measures to protect their data from cybercriminals:

Develop a plan to prevent data theft

Develop a data breach prevention plan that considers the following:

• The type of data your company handles
• The treatment it receives
• Where and how such data is stored
• If the company is required to notify the local authorities; among others.

You can follow this plan as a guide when handling potential data breach issues.

Destroy before disposal

If you have shred paper files, cross-cut them before disposing of any private information they carry. Make sure to destroy any other portable media such as CDs, DVDs, hard drives and memory cards. Know that if you only delete files or reformat hard drives, that won’t erase data. If you don’t destroy a drive physically, get software that is designed to erase data permanently or hire IT support services to handle it.

Establish password management

Establish a password protection policy for all employees with access to corporate resources. Set up password complexity as per the data security requirements and restrict the sharing of passwords while introducing regular password change policies. To keep your business computers secure, it’s a good idea to require re-login after every specified period of inactivity and educate your employees on data theft and the need for prevention.

Govern social media

Using social media networks to promote your business activities involves risks, so it’s critical that you establish a robust social media policy. Making sure employees communicate according to data privacy best practices helps to keep your social media and business website technology secure.

Update security software consistently

Security software only protects your computers well if you keep it up-to-date. Use anti-virus, firewall, and spyware software while making sure they’re updated.

Preventing business data theft in this advanced digital age is a daunting task that requires the expertise of an IT support professional to get the best stress-free IT solutions. So, contact Computerman services for first-rate IT support Cairns customers rely on.