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Wired vs wireless: Which network is better for your business?

Recently, network options have advanced rapidly. Perhaps the biggest difference is the widespread adoption of wireless networks compared to wired ones. As such, we’re going to take a closer look at the pros and cons of wired vs wireless networks below.

The benefits of a wired network

Wired networks will give you greater peace of mind as it allows for increased safety, reliability, and speed. All in all, this will keep employees happy, as it will handle increases in internet traffic and allow for the top performance of any software your business may use.

The disadvantages of a wired network

Needless to say, the biggest drawback to a wired network is the wires themselves. If unable to tuck away in the corner, hidden from sight, wires can give your workplace an unprofessional look. It can also run the risk of an accidental tug, which could interrupt the network performance if the ethernet cable is removed from the wall.

The benefits of a wireless network

Following on from this, the biggest advantage of a wireless network is the lack of wires. This adds a more professional, up to date look for the workplace as there are no wires openly laying about. This also makes it easier to add new pieces of furniture into the workplace, as the danger of tugging network wires is removed. The lack of wires also means that employees will not be confined to their desks, making for a happier workplace. If one would wish to complete some work in the break room, one could do so long as the network connection sufficiently reached this space.

The disadvantages of a wireless network

The biggest disadvantage of a wireless network is the weak security. If your business deals with sensitive information, you may want to look elsewhere. Although, steps have been made in recent times to improve the security of wireless networks. But not enough progress has been made to equal or better the safety that wired networks provide.

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