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Common DIY repair mistakes people make on their computers

Anyone who owns a computer is bound to notice a decrease in its performance at some point. This happens mostly due to common issues like inaccessible internet, malware, programmes running slowly, freezing and more. Not every computer issue, including complex ones, can be solved by DIY repairs.

Most computer owners who attempt to fix these issues themselves end up making the following mistakes:

Failing to protect computer hardware against static electricity

Most computer owners are unaware that the human body has static electricity that can damage their computer hardware. That’s why many people crack open their laptops or desktop towers to replace some parts or clean out dust without taking the necessary safety measures to prevent electrostatic discharge. If you make this type of mistake while performing DIY repairs, your entire computer system could get damaged beyond repairs. Unlike you, computer repair specialists have the right tools, expertise and work zones designed to prevent static discharge.

Refusing to use security software

Though unbelievable, it is true that some people don’t think protecting their computer with security software is important. For others, anti-virus programmes take up a lot of system resources and also freeze or slow down the functionality of programmes.

Unfortunately, most people who resort to DIY repairs don’t know that simply increasing RAM can solve these issues in some cases. Remember that failing to use anti-virus software exposes your computer to malware such as spyware, viruses, worm, or Trojan, which can either damage your machine or steal sensitive data from it.

Not backing up data before repairs

Neglecting or forgetting to back up data during the start of your DIY repairs is a common mistake you might make. This blunder can cause you to lose sensitive data such as your passwords, credit card number, financial records, vital images and other documents. This can cripple your business and privacy. Getting professional IT security managed services for offline and/or cloud backups is the best solution.

Whether you have personal or business computers, we recommend that you reach out to our professional IT support services Cairns-based for professional computer repairs and advice. Our technicians will help you avoid costly damage and future problems with your computer.