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PC or Mac? The 7 categories to consider

When you need a new computer for work or play, there’s a lot to consider. What’s your budget? Should you get a laptop or a desktop? Will the processor and
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Why your business needs a managed IT service

When everything’s running smoothly with your IT system, it can be hard to imagine how anything could ever go wrong. However, it only needs one faulty connection, one sudden virus
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How to prevent computer viruses

Each year, we rely more heavily on technology. We use it to have our shopping delivered, redirect our mail, run our businesses, and even to transfer money, so when a
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Four easy tricks to improve productivity with Microsoft Word

It’s almost certain that your business is using Microsoft 365 for word processing, presentations and spreadsheets, and your team is no doubt very comfortable using these tools. Here are some
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Is there really a right printer?

In short, absolutely! It might be tempting to buy that budget printer, but you’ll probably find it causes you more headaches than it’s worth. On the flip side, the most
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Why you should defrag your hard drive

As you use your computer, the hard drive collects a lot of data. But this data doesn’t arrange itself neatly into tidy piles. It becomes intertwined, mixed up and doesn’t
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