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What is business class email and how can it benefit your company?

A business class email system is one that projects professionalism in your communications with clients and service providers. It means that instead of your clients and business partners being contacted
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Three productivity tips that can help you to keep your focus

Whether you’re working from home or running an office, making sure that people can focus is key to effective work. After all, a computer is a gateway to a world
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What if my MacBook says to service my battery?

One of the most annoying notifications that can pop up whilst you’re using your Macbook is a small box telling you to service your battery. It may send you into
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Why do I need a professional to set up my home network?

As a homeowner, there are three options available to you when you’re switching to or setting up a new home network. The first option is to set up the home
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Improving email security on your computer

Keeping your emails secure is vitally important as it ensures any sensitive information or data that you exchange via your personal or work accounts remains private. Here we’ve listed some
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What is cloud migration and why does my business need it?

In recent years, more and more businesses are making the shift over to cloud migration. To avoid your business being left behind, our experts at Computer Man IT have created
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